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Jun 23, 2018
As the title reads, our newly founded studio is looking for a third artist for work on Project Mythril. We're a team consisting of proven developers, having released and profited greatly from the standalone ORPG title: Life Forge ORPG (still available and being worked upon, via Steam)

In case you don't want to read all the info we've set up for you potential applicants, here's the summary. Project Mythril is our stab at a professional ORPG. Our intent is to create a truly stand-out and polished game with unique systems, 100% original assets, and a profitable business model. We're looking for a talented artist that can help speed along this process. If accepted you will be entitled to an even slice of our profits and, given time, will have a successful game released with your name on it. If this sounds good to you, scroll down to the bottom of this recruitment thread and read up on how to apply. If you're looking for more info on our project and our team, or our way of doing things, I urge you to read on. We've stuffed this full of helpful information. It's damn near inspiring.

The Team
Currently our team consists of:
Myself (Jadin) -> Programmer || Developer || Musician
JD Collier -> Artist || Developer
Riptide -> Artist || Developer
Cole -> Writer || Developer
General Awesome -> Programmer

About Project Mythril

With Project Mythril we're looking to create a game that will not only revolutionize the way we see ORPGs coming out of this and other, similar communities, but to also create a highly polished, popular, enjoyable, and profitable game. New, unique systems such as action/active combat with soulslike inspired animation timers and other equally stand-out systems will set the project apart from the upcoming swell in the genre, and our experience in the industry will only further that agenda. To back this up we're pushing to have 100% of our assets to be original and our own. All art assets, sound assets, and systems will be original and thus, cleanly profitable. We'll be developing the project in John's very own Lunar engine. This will help us make our game the way we want it from the very start.

It should be noted that our first goal is to create a solid, enjoyable experience. However, being as this is a business, we intend to make up for our hours of time and work invested. Our business model as it stands right now revolves around in-game cosmetics and potentially memberships of a non pay-to-win variety. If the time for Launch arrives and we deem fit, we may even have a buy-in pricepoint, but that is too far into the future to accurately ballpark.

Any further information on this project is currently being kept under wraps. We truly believe we have something special here, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Our Payment Model

This artist position is profit share (a clean, even slice if work done can justify it). With another artist, we will be looking at a 7 way split. 14% towards the studio, 14% to each member of the team, and an optional 2% bonus to a voted upon "employee of the month" type deal on a monthly basis. For Life Forge we did monthly payments and it worked decently well, so we may replicate that system. I'm a big believer in transparency, so I'll be printing out our ledger every month, as well as sending copies to every member of the team so all will know what we made, how we can improve our sales, and see that we were fair in our payments. In summary, this position will be profitable in the long run, but don't quit your day job.

Details of Position

This artist position will involve the creation of art assets directly involved with the game. This means tiles, animations, and entities. You'll be working alongside Zetasis (JD Collier on this forum) and Riptide, two very talented artists that I've had the pleasure working with in the past and present. I personally vouch for their work and their ability to work as a team/unit. If you're of like creative mind, I cannot foresee any problems arise from working with these two fine artists. Upon acceptance you will be invited to our private discord (accessible from your browser). Currently our Discord is our primary communication hub.

It should also be noted that any and all assets created for Project Mythril will be property of studio as a collective for use on Project Mythril. This rule is universal in our studio and would only be overruled if we decide to sack the entire project, something I cannot foresee myself or others on this team doing. As an example of this rule in effect, any music I create for Project Mythril cannot be used in any side project I may undertake.

The way we've functioned thus far is as follows: We select an environment or area of focus. The artists develop tiles and entities for such, posting progress updates in the discord. We critique, find ways to improve, and repeat. In the end we're left with lovely works of art such as this:

What We Have Thus Far

After seeing that it should be noted that this is the art style we are shooting for with Project Mythril. Riptide has created an appealing color pallet and uses it to work on tiles and environments. Zetasis is currently at work on our entities. We currently have about 2 tilesets worth of quality tiles, a base humanoid entity with which artists can use to create more, and an atmospheric, 21 track soundtrack thus far:

We also have a solid base story being worked on by our graduated and experienced writer, Cole.

The Gameplan

Our plan as it stands right now, is to simply focus on Asset production. Music, Art, Sound Effects. Once we have about 10 Levels of content finished, with the assets to back it and our base systems in place, we aim to create a Live Demo and a Kickstarter of somewhere around a $5000 goal. Of course, regardless of the success of the Kickstarter or not, we'll be developing Project Mythril. The Kickstarter merely serves as a way to simultaneously generate interest as well as give our team some breathing room. It shall also cover the costs of the plausible website we aim to create. If not, costs such as that will have to come out of my pocket.

Speaking of out of pocket costs: we're looking to have T-Shirts made for team members (and possibly a variation for Kickstarter Backers). Riptide had some concepts drawn up a bit ago:

After the Live Demo, we'll be taking in feedback, fixing what we need to fix, and continuing development of Project Mythril. Eventually, with a possible Early Access through Steam, we'll launch the game on Steam. After that we continue to work on updates in Expansion styled updates. Each major update will be free of course, but will include new systems, massive new zones, further lore invested stories, quests, enemies, bosses, items, music, sounds, and overall fantastic experiences. Along with each major update, we'll be introducing new Cosmetics and possible secondary profit sinks. We will be staying completely away from Pay to Win, however.

Art Staff Application
Currently, I’m still in the process of standardizing the game’s art style, I have, however, already created some base requirements that are essential for game implementation. For the sake of this application, please abide by these standards.
Tiles: 16x16
Lighting: Slightly left of top center
View: Approximately 60-degrees
Scaling: Made in x1 and then scaled to x2 for export

Color Pallet: (PyxelEdit)

*If necessary, deviations from the palette are acceptable. However, if you choose to deviate from the palette, you must include your edited palette in your submission.*

For us to evaluate all applicants thoroughly for skill, creativity, and effectiveness, please provide the following in your submission:
⦁ One asset of free choice (building, mob, decoration, etc…)
⦁ One vegetation piece (bush, tree, or plant)
⦁ One cliff or ground mini tile set (at least 4 unique tiles)

To apply, all the above criteria as well as a small written piece underlying why we should select you should be included in a Private Message to SkywardRiver. This message will be forwarded to the rest of the team. After we have received sufficient messages, we shall decide as a team who we would like to work with. The current artists on the project will have a great deal more influence in this decision than Skyward or our writer, as they're the ones who will be working with you.

Art Example:


Now we do have some minor requirements for applicants:
-Must speak English decently well. Communication is a large part of game development and I would prefer to work with someone that I can talk at length with.
-Professionalism. i dont wann wrk wthe som1 hoo tpes lik this. We should be able to trust any member of the team to make a game-wide announcement and be professional about it.
-Must be over the age of 17. This isn't me discriminating or wanting someone who's "mature" enough to be part of this project. This is me covering my team's ass when it comes to legal issues. Of course I'd like to be working with a "mature" individual, but in my experience this has little to do with age anymore.

Regardless of whether or not you are accepted onto the team, we sincerely appreciate any and all interest. If you don't happen to make the cut, keep an eye out for any future positions! We hope you've found the entire thread and experience well done and professionally stated. Thank you all for reading.

-Wanderwolf Studios
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