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  • Lunar Engine v0.2.6 is out now! Download and check it out here. The map editor is also now fixed!
  1. TheCrzyDoctor

    Friends vs The Office

    They are both good in their own way. They are a tie!
  2. TheCrzyDoctor

    Other Indie Origin June Code Jam

    Nope. I do have an animation like a page flip but its jsut the text fading from right to left and showing from right to left. If I have time I'll figure out how to make a flip of a page
  3. TheCrzyDoctor

    Other Indie Origin June Code Jam

    Did some rearranging of things. It is getting better. The left side where it syas welcome will be better formated and will be a nice welcome page. Buttons will be formatted better as well.
  4. TheCrzyDoctor

    Other [Submission] June Code Jam

    Looks good Dog. I just hope I can do a little better.
  5. TheCrzyDoctor

    Other Indie Origin June Code Jam

    I was going to make my own topic for this but then I got lazy. So I'm going to post it here. Thanks @Rob for the graphic! It will work well once I realign everything to the correct spot. I decided to go with borderless app. Don't worry there will be a exit button! So no worries on that. This is...
  6. TheCrzyDoctor

    Proxy, this one's for you

    Better way... print('Lunar Python {0}'.format('0.01' ) #novariableneeded
  7. TheCrzyDoctor

    DBZee Beta

    Map looks great! When will the city be ready?
  8. TheCrzyDoctor

    DBZee Beta

    Thats is for sure. The event system does allow those who don't code to make some pretty awesome things.
  9. TheCrzyDoctor

    DBZee Beta

    Nice system. That event system JC made is pretty nice. Though I'd still code everything. Not a fan of the event systems. Hated them in RPG Maker as well.
  10. TheCrzyDoctor

    DBZee Beta

    Did you ever fix the spawn issues when you first started? Along with dropping all gear when you die? Those are the two reasons I stopped playing it. Also if you want you can add your game to Games
  11. TheCrzyDoctor


    Not yet. I need to figure out how to actually get the labels to update. I'm able to pull the info no problem. doing the gui update is the bitch
  12. TheCrzyDoctor

    [Visual Studio] Theme preference?

    Dark theme on everything! Hence i forced yall to bring back this grey theme for me.
  13. TheCrzyDoctor


    I updated a bunch of the GUI system and error handling today. The GUI still has a lot of work to go. Especially with having huge amounts of empty space. This is the main screen. The GUI for this screen is still being worked on. As you can see there is huge amount of empty space. Once I have...
  14. TheCrzyDoctor


    OBD2PY was a small baby of mine when I had cash to burn on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi accessories like touch screens and what not. I haven't touched this in roughly 5 years. Today I dusted it off removed all the old GUI system which was TKInter and replaced it with a very basic GUI made in...
  15. TheCrzyDoctor

    Verified Bug | Low Priority NPC Render Above Player.

    @John this is what i was talking about. in the version 0.2 release. red hair dude is npc and is being drawn above player. Npc should always be drawn below players.
  16. TheCrzyDoctor

    Forum scrubbed of spammers

    WOOT WOOT! Let's get this back up and running like it should be.
  17. TheCrzyDoctor

    Norta: Fields of War

    Story:(Being re-worked as of right now) Norta is a legendary place of war. People of Norta are always fighting with each other. The Four (sub regions) all want total control for themselves. Each ruler has their own plans for Norta....... Shea has been studying the four regions for years. Even...
  18. TheCrzyDoctor

    Verified Bug | Low Priority Can hardly see attribute icon

    Not a bug more of a small issue that can be fixed down the line. When adding attributes, I can hardly see mouse while on the map. Sadly screen shots don't capture the mouse to show you what I'm talking about. I'd suggest a darker mouse pointer for the attributes brush or highlight the current...
  19. TheCrzyDoctor

    Suggestion Editing map while server is running doesn't update for client.

    Not sure if this is how it is suppose to work or not. If you run the the server first then open the editor and edit the map and log into the game, the edited map is not being used on the client side. It is the original map that was loaded into the server before you edited it after you start...
  20. TheCrzyDoctor

    Verified Bug | High Priority Editor Crashes with editing NPC information.

    When editing the Frame Width and Frame Height of an npc if i press backspace the entire editor freezes and crashes saying the DarkUI example has crashed.