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  • Lunar Engine v0.2.6 is out now! Download and check it out here. The map editor is also now fixed!
  1. John


    I apologize with the downtime. I'm currently wrapping up a class I've been taking, but I will be finished soon and after that will have plenty of free time to get some work done around here. Thanks, John
  2. John

    encrypted .gfx files

    I've never really seen a point to encrypting content files. Anyone determined will be able to acquire them. It is certainly something which could be added on an individual basis if you want to make that source modification.
  3. John

    Lunar Engine: A Ping From Somewhere Out In The Void

    Wow, has it really been a year since the last time I wrote a development blog on Lunar? Where even to begin. A lot has happened for me personally in the last year. I graduated university, landed a job 2000 miles away, and have really just been trying to figure out life aside from working on...
  4. John

    Any updates?

    I apologize for the delayed response. I haven't forgotten about you (or anyone else who might be lurking). I actually just started doing my first grad school class, so I've been a little swamped the past week or so. I will definitely include a credit screen in the next update, since I am in fact...
  5. John

    Any updates?

    Hey, Tioken. Nice to meet you. A lot of progress has been made since the last build, which you can get through the project's Github: JohnLamontagne/Lunar-Engine Lunar is certainly far from dead, just a little neglected in terms of me keeping up with the forum and PR. We are much closer to a...
  6. John

    More detailed explanation.

    I really need to make a tutorial on this, for which I apologize. I'll post a tutorial for that very soon (next day or so). Also look out for a new version of the software as that will be posted soon as well.
  7. John

    Friends vs The Office

    This video was in my feed today. Thought it was an interesting take. What's the consensus here? Friends or The Office?
  8. John

    Rules & Regulations

    Community Rules Use of the Indie Origins (IO) forum, discord, or any other official channel implies your unconditional agreement to the following rules without objection. This includes the terms of service for any external source under which IO has a presence, along with any local, national...
  9. John

    Today I did this on my project...

    Neato. Now teach it to make me a sandwich
  10. John

    What's your chill music?

    What do you enjoy listening to when programming, designing, developing, etc.? Been enjoying these lofi tunes on Youtube lately:
  11. John

    Other Indie Origin June Code Jam

    Any chance you'll implement a page flipping animation? :p
  12. John

    Other [Submission] June Code Jam

    Looking pretty great so far. One thing that I think might be a good addition would be to allow user defined categories.
  13. John

    Today I did this on my project...

    I still can't get over the casual dab animation lol
  14. John

    Lunar Engine: Random Bits and Sneak Peeks

    New method of attaching scripts to NPCs: Scripts can be added to NPCs through a right click menu, which then adds a reference to that script to the NPC. This is displayed via the script being a sub element of the npc (see: test.ndat in the project explorer on the left of the image above)...
  15. John

    Other Indie Origin June Code Jam

    Indie Origin Code Jam June 2019 So earlier today we tossed around the idea of doing a Code Jam. Some of you even offered to pay for prizes. That is awesome! I never thought it would get so hype so fast. So I wanted to make something not super complicated but not something to simple as well. So...
  16. John

    Lunar Engine: Random Bits and Sneak Peeks

    Sneak peek preview of the v0.3 Alpha release that'll be coming out in a few days for anyone that is checking the forums ;)
  17. John

    Lunar Engine: Random Bits and Sneak Peeks

    Here's a quick sneak peek of the new Python scripting system being used to implement basic aggressive NPC behavior and AI states: import sys import clr clr.AddReference('Lunar.Core') clr.AddReference('Lunar.Server') clr.AddReference('System') import npc_common from Lunar.Server.Utilities import...
  18. John

    Lunar Engine: Random Bits and Sneak Peeks

    This thread will essentially serve as a sort of stream of consciousness going forward with the development of Lunar. The posts made here will be more on the raw, unrefined spectrum, leaving Development Logs for the more important discussions and updates. Please keep any discussion on topic...
  19. John

    Today I did this on my project...

    I like how the shape in the casting overlay roughly corresponds to the spell AOE. Is that a dabbing Zelda though?