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Mirage Web Engine SP ac-0.2.0

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  • Lunar Engine v0.2.6 is out now! Download and check it out here. The map editor is also now fixed!

Project Goal:

A browser-based single player 2D top-down RPG Engine. The main goal of Mirage Web Engine SP is to provide a toolset with which to create browser based 2D RPGs, for creative people looking to tell a story.

General Specifications:
  • Language: JavaScript, HTML
  • Dependencies: jQuery, jQueryUI
  • Version: ac-0.1.7

Mostly Complete Features:
  • Map Editor Layers
  • Map Editor Collisions
  • Map Editor General UI
  • Dynamic Sprites (dynamic!)
  • Engine Console UI (hit enter to open/close)
  • Scrolling Maps! Currently 250x250 tiles! Goes up to 1Kx1K but loads slowly. Browser crashes at 2Kx2K!

Upcoming Features (todo):
  • NPC Editor (in progress)
  • NPC Dialogue Editor
  • Item Editor
  • Shop Editor
  • Spell Editor
  • Loot Table Editor
  • Quest Editor
  • And several others to be added once I chop this list down a bit


This project is licensed under the MIT License
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Latest updates

  1. Version ac-0.2.0 Released

    Finished Teleport type tile attributes. Added /location command for use with Teleport tiles...

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A lot of potential in this project. Here's to hoping for a quick and feature rich future