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I am The Crzy Doctor, or just Crzy for short. I am a python programmer by trade. I also now C#, VB.NET and Java. I'm currently no longer in the field of a programmer. Which give me time to help on Lunar and develop other things. You can check everything I have done out at my GitHub page. Though many of the projects are no longer being worked on.

After working in the industry for 2.5 years, I lost base of personal projects due to stress of the job. I'm working on bringing them all back. Hopefully with the extra time I now have, I'll be able to get back to finishing some personal projects.

The major projects I'd like to finish are obd2py which is a OBDII car reader. Lastly my other project I'd like to finish is some home automation called Animus. These are my two personal projects I'm going to focus on.
Jan 11, 1988 (Age: 33)


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